.To love is to destroy.


but did you see ronaldo and khedira’s reaction to pepe’s red card


"typical pepe"



the World Cup 2014 so far:

  • Brazil made the first goal of the game in Brazil against Brazil
  • Mexico scored like 20 times and only 1 goal really counted
  • FIFA picked up random people on the street as referees
  • Spain as the defending champion is getting destroyed by Netherlands


Wir kommen wieder!

"This is it. Holland Roden is ‘it’. She’s got everything that anyone could ever want in Mary Jane. The beautiful red hair, the big bright eyes, the sex appeal, the comedic subtleties, the independence, strength and wit that when all combined into one person, produces the one and only Mary Jane Watson.” x

Thank you, Lewy! 

140503 Bundesliga 33R (BVB vs HOF)

CPD Cast → Chicago Fire 2×20